Put your tax planning strategies in the trusted hands of partners who know where your business is going

We believe that tax planning should focus on the future. Successful income tax preparation and filing begins with proper tax planning. By taking the time to understand your business structure, your goals and objectives, and your future vision for your organization, our expert accountants provide planning and tax preparation services that protect your business and support your long-term growth.

We specialize in middle market companies and large, family-run businesses for whom financial fluctuations have a tangible impact on personal taxes and estate planning. When your organization’s growth and survival are at stake, you need a trustworthy partner who listens to your objectives. The experienced accounting teams at STS provide innovative and reliable tax solutions to help you confidently meet the future.

Our creative tax-planning capabilities dovetail with our expert tax preparation services to ensure your business remains successful. Minimize your potential areas of exposure in audit environments by relying on our experienced accounting team’s in-depth knowledge of audit triggers and effective presentation techniques. Our attentive tax planners can help you advance from where you are to where you want your organization to go.

We consider every client a friend. Our resopnsive team of tax experts maintains an unwavering focus on your long-term success and are available to answer your taxation questions and help you prepare for the future.

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